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William Cocoa Beach Says:

"Our condo job went great! We really appreciate the hard work and no dust! Thank you"

Danny Rockledge Says:

"Man this is awesome! I have allergies, and to say that Breathe Easy is an understatement! So very happy!"

Jeff Payne Says:

- Satellite Beach
"Jesse and the crew quickly and cleanly removed 300 square of 12x12 ceramic tile installed on my slab. Absolutely impressed with the crew and work performed. Made we wonder why I ever removed flooring myself! Thank you guys!!! Highly recommend"

Amy - Rockledge Says:

"9/25/2020 - This is the second time we have ever had tile removed. The first time we had it removed the traditional non dustless way, and we had dust for weeks and weeks. With Breathe Easy dustless and their dustless tile removal method there was actually no dust. This dustless method is so superior to the traditional method. These guys did a great job!"

Robin - Palm Bay Says:

"9/16/2020 - I put my trust in this company and I am really glad that I did! I have asthma and there was really no dust. I replaced my air conditioning filter before Breathe Easy Dustless performed the job and I checked it after they were done, and there was no dust at all! It is so much better than what I thought it might be and They did such a wonderful job! Thank you so much!"

Mike - Rockledge Says:

"9/10/2020 - Everything went great! Those guys really worked their tails off! Thank you!"

Shelly - Cocoa Says:

"8/31/2020 - Jesse and his team did a great job, there was no mess when I got home! "

Jim - Melbourne Says:

"8/29/2020 - Quite Happy with Jesse and his team! Very professional! "

Tim - Merritt Island Says:

"8/1/2020 - We were very happy with the job that Jesse and his team performed. The whole dustless team was very organized and professional from start to finish! We will recommend Breathe Easy Dustless to everyone we know. Thank you Jesse! "

Jerry - Melbourne Says:

"7/21/2020 - Jesse and his team did a great job. I was really surprised how clean my house was when the job was complete. It really is dustless! Thank you."

Amie - Palm Bay Says:

"7/10/2020 - Dustless tile removal is worth every penny! I have been holding off on redoing my tile floors due to the dust and mess that the traditional removal process makes. The dustless tile removal process made a job that would have been a headache a much cleaner and easier process. I would recommend Jesse and his team to everyone I know!"

Angie - Titusville Says:

"6/25/2020 This company was on time, very professional and they took great care with cleaning up. Breathe Easy Dustless Tile Removal is worth every penny!"

Rich - Melbourne Says:

"6/22/2020 Jesse was wonderful! His company did a great job. I will definitely recommend them to everyone that I know! Thank you for the great work!"

Amy - Melbourne Says:

"6/18/2020 Wow, just Wow! We have been pondering our floor situation for many years. We were not fond of our ceramic tile, but we knew that we did not want the dust nightmare associated with the customary way of tile removal. We learned of Breathe Easy Dustless and were immediately intrigued. Jesse and his crew were definitely the answer! They removed tile in almost half of our house very efficiently! They moved large pieces of furniture and protected the contents of our home. This crew was amazing, the process was affordable, and we are absolutely thrilled with the results!"

Bea - West Melbourne Says:

"6/9/2020 This company was very prompt, very personable, and professional. When the job was finished they cleaned up and I did not have any dust in my house. I will tell everyone I know about this company! Thank you Jesse and your team!"

Sue - Indialantic Says:

"5/15/2020 Very great job! Very pleased!"

Tom - Suntree Says:

"5/8/2020 I loved the whole dustless tile removal process from beginning to the end. My cat Phoenix wasn't bothered by any of the process! I will recommend Breathe Easy Dustless Flooring Removal to everyone."

Jeff - West Melbourne Says:

"5/7/2020 I was very happy with the dustless tile removal! The tile installers remarked that they were very pleased with the fact that the floor was ready for immediate installation! I would recommend Jesse and his guys to everyone I know!"

Cindy - Cape Canaveral Says:

"5/1/2020 Jesse's team were very hardworking and very professional. Very pleased with the dustless tile removal in our condo."

Keith - Melbourne Beach Says:

"4/30/2020 Very happy with the results of the dustless tile removal. Jesse and his team were very professional and answered any questions that we had. Thank you!"

Katie - Malabar Says:

"4/27/2020 This was such a good experience! They did a great job and they took great care with everything! Thank you so much! We would recommend and have recommended this company to all of our friends and family."

Lisa - Satellite Beach Says:

"4/13/2020 Jesse and his crew were very professional! The job site was left very clean. They were such a blessing to us! Thank you!"

Tony - Melbourne Says:

"Jesse your team was very professional and they moved all of my furniture. I am happy with the dustless process when removing my tile tile flooring. Thank you. "

Virgil - Merritt Island Says:

"Very happy with the dustless tile removal in my condo."

Frances - Melbourne Says:

"We are very pleased with the dustless tile removal service you provided for our condo. Your guys couldn't have been nicer or easier to work with. We will definitely recommend you to all our friends. "

Mike - Satellite Beach Says:

"Jesse your crew is very professional and extremely competent. Many thanks to you and your crew for the rapid and dust free service in such a short time! Incredible!"

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